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Raw Becoming

Linda Loo

Linda is the Founder and CEO of Light love laughter academy – a company that empowers lives to love and laugh. She is a multi-talented and charismatic speaker who inspired thousands of people in Asia towards extraordinary health.
     In 2008, she embarked on a mission to spearhead a paradigm shift in the local Singapore Living Foods scene. Today, she accomplished what most people once thought was “impossible”. More than 80% of the local Living Foods action are helmed by raw foods teachers and business owners whom had undergone one or more of Linda’s training.
     By day she is a certified Living Foods Teacher, Living Foods Chef, Transformational Yoga India Certified Teacher, and by night she is a Writer, Self Taught Music Composer, Singer and Value Investor. She strives to live everyday to its juiciest and most extraordinary limits.

How does the title Raw Becoming came about?

Raw Becoming is an autobiography of how I began reclaiming my body and soul after eating raw foods. There were difficulties and breakdowns in my family shortly after I turned 3 years old. At 13, I left home to work and bring myself through school. At 17, I acquainted myself with the ‘wrong’ company, and began using alcohol, cigarettes and substances to numb myself.
     My aim was to enter the financial industry. So in University, I chose to study Banking & Finance; and even before I graduated I landed a job in a local bank. I took on life in the financial industry with a vengeance, eager to make big bucks fast. But something was hidden behind the desire to succeed. A thick layer of emotional hurt, self loathing, and resentment towards my parents. I partied and did extreme sports like a monster to numb the pain.
     In my mid 20s, my health trundled rapidly downhill. After a string of health ailments in 2007, I was diagnosed with Chronic Eczema. Doctors one after another, told me that i was incurable, that I have no hope but to take ‘itch killers’, apply creams, go on steroids, and hope for the best. However, I never gave up hope. I began to search for my own solution, and was very blessed to meet the right teachers. After learning raw foods in Boston, and yoga from India, I integrated the 2 modalities together and reverse my chronic Eczema in less than 6 months!
     Raw foods gave me the clarity to begin working on myself. As the journey of healing the body progressed, I made peace with my parents, and with myself. Soon a new realization dawned on me: I am much more than my physical body, so much more.
     We have emotions, thoughts, thinking patterns, behavioral patterns. All these lead to an outcome that is constantly becoming; much like the way our body constantly makes new cells and tissues every millisecond. Eating raw foods is never about the food; but about what we allow as an essence to live through us. Thus the title of Raw Becoming came about.

What is the most interesting thing you had inside this book?

  1. Never believe anyone that tells you “Its incurable”, no matter how qualified famous or professional the person is. There is no such thing as irreversible as long as you are alive.
  2. There is an astounding impact of food on our emotions. It is something that goes unnoticed, but has undeniably strong effect on our ensuing thoughts, moods and actions. Just try it out for yourself.

What is the greatest takeaway for your readers?

  1. We humans have the most ingenious machine ever invented – our body. Don’t allow it to be assaulted with processed refined foods, or demeaning thoughts and words. The moment you restore the body with living foods, with empowering thoughts, it will shine for you.
  2. The most important love relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself.

Where can we get a copy of Raw Becoming?

You may get it from Kinokuniya and Popular, or order directly from contact@lightlovelaughteracademy.com

* Linda’s works and Light love laughter academy has been featured on every major media in Singapore – Channel 5, Channel U, Channel 8, ToggleEve TV, FM 93.8 Live, Straits Times ‘Mind Your Body’ (twice over 2 years), Business Times, Her World Magazine, SHAPE, BBC Good Food Magazine, U-Weekly, Simply Her Magazine, EVE Magazine, and Veg Vibes. 

Connect with Linda via Facabook here and here. Follow her on Twitter and YouTubeFind out more about Linda @

Raw Becoming

Sticky Presentations

Ang Tian Teck

Ang Tian Teck is a dynamic individual who has helped companies made a difference in their visual communications. With more than 20 years of extensive experience in marketing, IT and communication design, Tian Teck has developed a presentation design concept that greatly enhances today’s presentation methods. His Amazing Sticky Presentations approach has benefited many clients in delivering a different experience to their audiences. Tian Teck is also the author of the book titled Sticky Presentations – A different approach to presentation design and delivery.

Tian Teck, what motivated you to write this book?

Many books on presentations require the reader to read too much. I wanted a handy book so that those who need to learn can immediately use it. No need to read too much. The visuals communicate the idea for the reader to follow.

How will this book benefit your readers?

It shows readers a unique approach to presentation design. The book is easy to read (more like easy to view) and understand. Complex concepts are made simple through visual examples. Readers are not forced to start from the beginning of the book as the book has no chapters. Just start from any page that inspires and continue from there.

How has this book helped you in your career?

The book gives me something to talk about when I meet people. It is a good platform to share my ideas about what is good presentations and the correct approach to being effective in the content and the delivery of the message. It also reinforces the things that I teach in my corporate workshops. Surprisingly this book has helped me expand my business beyond Singapore. A lecture from a university in Thailand saw my book in a bookstore in Singapore and he contacted me for permission to translate and publish the book in Thai language. Now my book is available in bookstores in Thailand. Word gets around in this small world. It can only get better.

Where can we get a copy of Sticky Presentations?

In Singapore you can get it at the local bookstores. The book is also available in Thai language in bookstores in Thailand. If you have an iPad, you can get the iPad Enhanced Multi-Touch version from Apple’s iBookstores in selected countries.

* Tian Teck holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing. His clients include A*STAR, Apple, BASF, DHL, F&N, ITE, Jurong Health, Kasikorn Bank, Marina Bay Sands, Maxis, Maybank, NTU, OCBC Bank, OPV Pharmaceutical, Polycom, Proximity-BBDO, PSA, PTT Global Chemical, Seagate Technology, Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank, Supply Chain Asia, Toll, UOB Bank, YCH Group, various Singapore ministries, and others.

Sticky Presentations

Wise Leadership

Dr. ShehDr. Sheh Seow Wah serves as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, supervising over 20 doctorate students in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia since 2002. In addition, he also serves as a Management Consultant for a resource-based conglomerate in Indonesia and Singapore between 2007 and 2010 as well as a Research Consultant for a higher learning institution. He serves as a Lecturer for a local polytechnic for 10 years and Associate Lecturer for RMIT-SIM and SIM University for over 7 to 8 years. He sits as a Board member for Emerald Emerging Markets Case Study journal. To-date, he had published 8 books since 1995, including Wise Leadership.

Dr. Sheh, what motivated you to write this book?

There are mainly 2 reasons why I would like to produce a book on Chinese wisdom and its application to contemporary leadership. Firstly, wisdom is still a deficit in many of our world leaders today. It is insufficient for a leader to be knowledgeable or intelligent yet far from wise. In today’s context, many leaders at organizational, national and international levels are grossly lacking in the wisdom to lead others. So far, there are very few leadership books focus on ‘leadership by wisdom’.

In recent years, the field of leadership and management has been confronted and characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and sudden changes or threats from the external environment. To be effective in their jobs, it is imperative that leaders understand these tremendous and far-reaching changes that have a great impact on leadership roles and responsibilities. A great leader leads his people by wisdom or virtues. In the Western literature, there are many different definition of the word, leadership.  However, I find that the definition of leadership provided by one of ancient Chinese philosophers Xunzi is the best:

 “The lord is the boat; his subjects the water. It is the water that sustains the boat, and it is the water that capsizes the boat.” – (Book 9.4 of Xunzi, Knoblock, 1999)

 Xunzi defined leadership as – a leader is likes a boat and followers are like water.  Water is like a double-edged sword, it can float the boat higher and it can also capsize the boat.  If a leader treats his people well, his people will make him for successful (floating the boat).  If a leader treats his people badly, his people will turn his company up-side down (capsizing the boat).

Secondly, the ancient Chinese teach the most profound leadership wisdom. In China, knowledge of philosophy is more important than religion.  Philosophy plays a very significant role in the life of the average Chinese, even that of the common man.  This is especially true for the intellectual or the educated man. The Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC) and the Warring States period (475-221 BC), both during the Chou dynasty (1046 – 221 BC), were periods known as the Hundred Schools of Thought, where scholars, sages and philosophers wandered across China followed by their disciples, arguing about the Nature of existence, the meaning of life or even the meaning of meanings. Despite being a period of political and social turmoil, it was considered a Golden Age or the western Renaissance of Chinese literature and philosophy. This was a period where the intellectuals and even the multitudes debated on and discussed the ideal social and political structures as well as legal systems for a ruler to adopt. Many different ideas, doctrines and schools of thought began to emerge, among them the schools of humanism, legalism, naturalism and utilitarianism.

I had been studying Chinese philosophies for the past 2 decades. Based on my literature review, 9 renowned philosophers were identified for this book (excluding military and business strategists such as Sun Zi, Sun Bin and others which I had published under the title, The Strategic Way:  Lessons from the Chinese Strategic Thinkers in 2010) that are:

  • School of Humanism espoused by Confucius (551-479 BC) and Mencius (372-289BC)
  • School of Legalism of Xunzi (313-238 BC) and Han Fei Zi (280-233 BC)
  • School of Naturalism of Lao Zi (about 570 BC), Lie Zi (about 4th century BC), Zhuang Zi (369-286 BC) and Huai Nan Zi (about 2nd century BC)
  • School of Utilitarianism of Mozi (479-381 BC).

 To the Chinese, “a word of wisdom from a Sage is far superior than ten years of education.” In ancient China, education emphasized on teaching people to be wise rather than teaching people to be smart or skillful.  A common Chinese saying is: “learn to live like wise men.”  It is about using what we have learnt and our wisdom to respond to the changing environment. The greatest wisdom of the average Chinese is adaptability. Chinese can be found in all corners of the globe and most of them are doing well.

Whats the most interesting thing you had inside Wise Leadership?

A lot of quotations food for thoughts that I was inspired from reviewing the Chinese literature. By relating the ancient sayings from the various renowned philosophers with debrief, you would be able to expand your minds, internalized them and that would greatly ‘massage’ your brains. By reviewing the above 9 selected philosophers, it will open up your minds to a very large extent. Your mind will be expanded by 360 deg; your mind will be broadened, lengthened, deepened and heightened.

What is the greatest takeaway for your readers?

You can access to 9 renowned Chinese philosophers in one book without have to read so many classics – which are very tedious and difficult to comprehend. This book will not only inspire you but enlighten you in a certain way. The greatest inspiration of a wise leader is to:

The Three Rs

  • Reflect: Through reflection, a wise leader begins to think introspectively and thus, develops hindsight. We will never learn if we do not reflect upon our past actions and mistakes.
  • Retreat: Through retreat, a wise leader steps back to rest his senses and this allows him to gather new strength to better face the future challenges. At times, a leader retreats to a quiet place to heighten his awareness to a higher level – to develop insight. He understands the need to develop a higher level of thinking in resolving current problems.
  • Reverse: Through reversal, a wise leader develops new foresight that focuses on the longer term. The largest challenge for a leader is in knowing how to balance between short-term interests and long-term interests.

We all need ‘sight’ to see clearly and to develop a vision. That requires ‘hindsight’, ‘insight’ and ‘foresight’.

Where can we get a copy of Wise Leadership?

This book is sold at most book stores in Singapore such as Popular and Kinokuniya. It is also available at Amazon.com as well as in e-book (Bookbaby). This book is also available in most books stores in Malaysia such as MPH and Popular.

Wise Leadership

Branded For Success

Lionel LimLionel Lim has worked with over 160 corporate and government clients in his workshops on grooming, communication, life profiling and wellness. He was interviewed on Mediacorp TV, The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Radio 938 Live, 8 Days, August Woman, Cozycot Magazine and Top Corporate Leader (Malaysia).

Lionel, what is your book about?

In my book Branded For Success, I have written it from this totally different perspective which most of us could relate with. Using my personal life experiences as examples, I bring out the realities of building your own business on your own. I will show you how you too can build your own SPICE brand story, using my proven methods. What I am about to share with you is not run-of-the-mill. Instead, you will learn from my life story how I had overcome life-threatening adversities to build three successful businesses in the lifestyle industry.

How will this book benefit your readers?

As a writer and lifestyle personality, my skills include the ability to inspire and motivate you, entertain and move you. But my words are not seated on paper alone; they are seated in my personal experience, shared generously through my life stories. I am not a person who leads blindly; I have lived and learned; overcoming personal challenges to become the inspiring individual I am today.

What is the greatest takeaway for your readers?

If you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. Even with zero business knowledge and having to come to terms with a cheating partner in my first partnership, I have put all the negativity behind me and risen from the ashes to build a successful lifestyle brand with three different arms – life skills mastery workshops, customized fitness programs and wellness products.

The branding lessons shared in Branded for Success are full of depth, and multiple layers that are all interconnected. I recognize that being a successful brand is as much about being as it is doing. Your business brand has to harmonize with who you are and how you are as a person: your values, your beliefs, your attitudes, your dreams, and the meaning you give to your life experiences. My brand story provides the practical insight for turning the things that make you unique into the things that make your business unique, too.

Always believe you are destined for greatness in life. You can lead the life you want to and build your own brand. If you give yourself the chance. You are branded for success.

Where can we get a copy of your book?

Branded For Success outlining my entrepreneurship journey and real-life business strategies, is available in all major bookstores in Singapore.

Lionel Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Style Coaching from the Style Coaching Institute, UK. His accolades include NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2013, Asia Pacific Brands Award 2013 – Coup D’ Established Category, Southeast Asia Business Excellence Award 2013, 21st Century The Prestigious Brand Award – The Prestigious Entrepreneur Award 2013, 2012 Successful Entrepreneur Award – Top 30 Respected Enterprises, Singapore’s 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals 2011 and Mister Singapore United Nation 2011. Connect with Lionel on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.

Branded for Success

The Power Science of Influence

Joseph WongJoseph is an active practitioner of the work of Dr Robert Cialdini, renowned psychologist in the field of social influence. He is the author of his book, The Power Science of Influence: Proven People Strategies At Work, Sales and Team. It reveals strategies on how we can leverage on the science to influence and persuade people at work, sales and team.

Joseph, what motivated you to write this book?

As a professional speaker and trainer who trains and speaks, it is essential for me to be a published author. I am the first Singaporean to write a book on influence, which happens to be my expertise in training and speaking.

How will this book benefit your readers?

Power Science of Influence is written with the science in mind. What we are going to read about have been scientifically proven and tested for the past 60 years to date. Most importantly, making the research and experiment easy to digest and apply. for anyone who are curious and have always wanted to increase your influence 100%, this is the book not to be missed due to its high tested and proven research content and validity. Whether you are a leader, manager, high potential or sales professional, this book is applicable across all context.

What attributes do we need to be influential?

Most books and training might had focus too much on areas like charisma, and context that seem airy and fluffy, Being influential in my context and especially when I train and speak, Understand how to decode a person’s decision making strategy is key. Adding on to that is the ability to identify their habit in decision making. Every one has a pattern of thoughts, if you can identify and decode their pattern, you have effectively read their mind and that allows you to increase you influence quotient. and this is an area that I train participants in my workshop on the how. Most importantly, the Influence Quotient (IQ) to be patient in our conversation with anyone.

In your opinion, who are the hardest people to influence?

In fact, as long as we are speaking to human being, they can be influenced. However If I need to name one category of people, they are the people who have been used to using authority as influence. However in today context, the repercussion of using authority frequently is a power drain on their personal reputation. The good news is that can still ‘read’ their mind. in fact, there is no hardest person to influence, but the lack in ability to increase one’s influence.

Where can we get a copy of The Power Science of Influence?

The book is readily available in major bookstores, namely Kinokuniya, Times and Popular.

* Joseph Wong is the Founding Director and Behavioral Coach of TrainingGearAsia Pte Ltd. He is an Entrepreneur, a Behavioral Transformation Coach, Author, Professional Speaker and Experiential Trainer. His expert domain lies in the world of behavioral influence and he simply loves discovering and understanding people behaviors through his experiential and behavioral platform.

Pwer Science of Influence

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